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First Grade News

November 12


     I really enjoyed meeting with everyone at conferences.  You all have AMAZING children who you should be very proud of.  

         As you know the snow has arrived so please remember snow pants, boots, hats and gloves.  It is EXTREMELY helpful if you can put names or initials in as many items of clothing as possible.  It is amazing how many get lost. 

     This week we will begin blends.  Blends are two individual sounds that put together make one sound.  This week we will be studying the “l” blends.(sl, bl, gl, fl, cl)  Our spelling words are:  slide, black, place, glad, clip, clock, slope, plum, slip and the red word: want

     In math we started a short unit on shapes.  We will be indentifying 2D and 3D shapes and their characteristics.  We will also practice adding and subtracting numbers and story problems so they don’t forget how to do them. 

In religion we will continue with all the things we are thankful for.   

November 27th my husband goes in for a complete hip replacement.  Therefore I will have a week off to help him with his recovery.  I will be off Tuesday Nov. 27th – Tuesday Dec. 4th.  My sub came in last week to watch how reading centers are done.  I am sure she will do a great job.  Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

 In social studies we are talking about Native American’s along with the beginning of Marquette as a city.  We will begin reading a historical fiction book titled, “Enduring Christmas”.  This book follows a family as they move to Marquette in 1850.  The community is dependent on a ship arriving with supplies to save them from starving during a long hard winter.





         Monday:  phonic sheet

         Tuesday:  study for spelling test

         Wednesday:  math sheet

         Thursday:  read nightly                            

         Friday:  spelling test

                         Mass 9:00

                         Interview student:  Garrett


Have a blessed week!


Julie Hocking


Newsletter and Homework
Newsletter and Homework

                                                   First Grade News

                                                      November 9


The children are getting much better at reading magic-e words! Yah!  Some still need practice reading the long or short vowel appropriately.  All children still need practice applying this skill into their writing.  We will have one more week of magic-e.  Our spelling words this week are:  cub, cube, wake, dime, tub, quit, hide, dive, zip red word:  are.

            In math we are continuing with our missing addend chapter. When you understand how numbers work you can use them in problem solving situations easier.  Please have your child draw a “circle” picture when solving the story problems on their homework sheet.  They all know how to do them. 

         In social studies we have been learning about the First Thanksgiving and learning some Native American legends & traditions.

            In religion this month we will be focusing on giving thanks to God for the many blessings in our life. Our “gratitude” chain is coming along nicely.  We will also be focusing on our call to help others in need. On Tuesday we will be taking our field trip to Econo to have our picture taken for the Mining Journal along with shopping for the food bank.  We are in need of one more parent helper so if you are able to come please let me know.  Our mass parts for the November 19th mass are in your homework folder this week.  If I missed anyone who didn’t have a part in our last mass please let me know. 

        Everyone should have received his/her conference times last week.  They are also posted on the sign outside our classroom door.  I am really looking forward to meeting with all of you. If you have a problem with your time please let me know right away.   Your children are wonderful.


     Monday:  math sheet

     Tuesday: read magic-e and short vowel words                        

    Wednesday:  study for spelling /evening conferences

    Thursday:  mass 9am / evening conferences

                       Interview student:  Jackson

     Friday:  spelling test

                    ½ day (10:40 dismissal)

Blessings Always,

Julie Hocking